Photography courses in Dar es Salaam, TANZANIA

Beginners, intermediate and advanced photography classes are aimed at hobby-photographers, living in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, who would like to get to know their digital SLR camera better, learn how to use and understand all the functions and to be able to shoot great photos in a variety of situations. 

Beginners and intermediate courses are made out of 4 lessons, each lesson is 2 hours long. Advanced course is practical photography for the students who went through one of the previous courses.

BEGINNERS COURSE is made out of following lessons:

Lesson 1-2: Getting to know your and using your kit: Camera design, how exposure works, aperture, shutter, ISO, light meter, lenses, focusing, live view, shooting modes, exposure compensation.

Lesson 3-4: Creative control: Depth of field (selective focus), Expressing motion (Shutter speed based effects)

 INTERMEDIATE COURSE is made out of following lessons:

Lesson 1: People photography: Learn how to take the best portraits possible in different situations. Learn how to use available light.

Lesson 2: 
Outdoor and travel photography: Make the best of landscapes, travel, holidays, animals, around your home and sporting events. 

Lesson 3: Flash photography: Learn the secrets that will help you to achieve professional looking results using pop-up flash and speedlite.

Lesson 4: Digital workflow and basic computer post-production: Learn about file formats and essential functions of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.

After this courses, you will have full control in creating quality photos and you'll be prepared to move on to a more advanced level if you want to. 

You will also learn about camera accessories and upgrading your camera: using tripod, filters, cleaning tools, memory cards, bags and lots of other accessories.

Handouts will be given for every lesson.  

The cost for each course is 250$.

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